It's all about how you look at it.

learning to fly


-St. Mother Theresa


-Ms. Frizzle, Magic School Bus


-Aileen Dashurova

Come, be inspired!

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? That life sometimes seems to be hard, but should be more fun? Felt too nervous about going out on your own, even for an evening? Felt there is a whole world to be explored, but you have too many other responsibilities that keep you from figuring out trying something different? I once was like this too. Until I was given advice to try adventures.

Let's redefine the word Adventure together! Come along and read my stories of adventures, big and small. Be inspired to try new things yourself (check out my Adventure Tools page for recommended products.) Learn to see things differently by doing things differently - even if it means crossing the street to walk a different way home or taking yourself out to dinner alone. Read my first Adventure Wednesday (see blog below about going to the Crooked Knife). Join my newsletter for regular updates (click the button below!)

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Hot Cocoa Top 10: Adventures & Lessons

Can you really have adventures (and even life lessons) by drinking hot chocolate that others have ranked as Top Ten? This is what happens when you get a hair-brained idea to put together a Meetup for a hot chocolate tour of NYC. Last summer I tried a chocolate tour – and had one person show…

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Top Hot Chocolate places in NYC to explore (2018)

Recently, one of my favorite sources for finding things to explore in NYC featured an article on Top Hot Chocolate places.  The listicle showed up on a very cold, wintry day.  As you may know, I adore chocolate!  (If you don’t know, I’ll include links to my other chocolate stories at the end).  Since I’d…

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Cocoa Rubbed Steak

Cocoa, Bacon AND Steak! (Recipe included in this adventure)

Warning: this recipe has been referred to as “sensuous” and really good for that date (or “date night”) when you want to use really intoxicating ingredients…chocolate (cocoa), steak and more…. (really – you need more??) The ad on the side of the highway tempted me, as the billboard was filled with chocolate bon-bons. Recently, I…

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Adventure to a Costa Rican Chocolate Farm

Imagine yourself standing on a mountainside dirt road in the tropics.  It’s a humid day, the temperature is in the 80s and the sky is slightly overcast. You are in the middle of the rainforest, visiting an organic, beyond-Fair-Trade cacao farm with fifteen strangers and your travel companion. You’re there to learn more about the source…

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Amazon Associate Link

Full disclosure – as I adventure into the world of blogging, location independence and self-supporting – I have partnered up with Amazon to offer you the products I like/use/recommend.  If you shop on Amazon coming through my site, you are helping support a small business! (Mine!)  For your ease, here’s a basic link to Amazon…

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Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List (Adventurers & Burners)

Do you have an Adventurer friend or loved one whom you need ideas for gifts?  While on a recent adventure of my own, I was inspired to collect ideas from other adventurers, as well as from my own experience, of what would be great gifts for the Adventurer in your life. (In case you didn’t…

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Travel Recommendation: Adventure Women Tours

I came across this site when a friend complained she had no one to travel with on Adventures (I couldn’t get the time off to go to Israel with her!). I don’t have any direct experience with this company, but if I were to run a travel adventure company, I would have it be a…

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Book Recommendation: The World’s Biggest Playground by Peter Armenia

It’s hard to explain how Burning Man is more than just a festival, it’s a community surrounding an event in the desert every year. This book written and produced by a New York community member is a fabulous read for Adults and Kids! Burning Man is known to many to be transformative (not something you…

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Book Recommendations: Susun Weed’s Healing Wise; Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year & New Menopausal Years

I took a course with Susun Weed and learned her mission is to give control of taking care of our bodies back to us, and not to passively accept what a doctor tells us as the only “truth”. These three titles are a very good place to start, depending where you are in your life…

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Clothing Recommendation: Smarter Garter

Ok, I have never tried this but it’s on my wish list. I have a hand-made “utility belt” or “festival belt” made from black leather that makes me feel “cool” as well as being functional (way prettier than a fanny pack!) I came across Smarter Garter on Instagram and think that it would be a…

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