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laughs on 230's roof top bar!

Adventure Wednesdays Mission

How did Adventure Wednesday start? It was my unique solution to a multitude of advice on how to “better” myself after I had hit some personal rock bottoms. The piece of advice that truly motivated me was:

“Take yourself out on adventures. They don’t have to be major trips to exotic places. It can be just finding a new route home.”

Being a (legally separated but I might as well be divorced) working mom, finding time for adventures was my first challenge. Wednesday nights my sons were at their dad’s house, so I had free time then. Granted, Wednesday is not the typical “going out” night, but it was what was given to me.

I work in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and it begs to be explored. So, simply, one evening after work, I walked a different route from my office to Grand Central Terminal. My perspective forever changed.

My desire is:

to share my experiences to inspire you help you learn more about yourself, take yourself out on your own adventures and shift your perspectives and have more fun in life!

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