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Hot Yoga and My Body Image

I am here. Good for me! I’ve found the mirror in my yoga class that I believe makes me look good, vs. the ones that seem to have warps (you know what that’s like when you’re in a store’s dressing room! A good mirror can make all the difference in purchasing or not). The instructors…

Adventure Therapy.

Solo but Not Alone

What does bungee jumping, elephant bathing, cooking classes, and riding off into the sunset with your most recent Tinder date have in common? They can all be done in one week while traveling solo on the other side of the world.  That’s right, true story.  It was one magical week in Chang Mai, Thailand, which…

Sewing Lessons, Life Lessons

A friend recently came to visit and as I was showing her my projects, she asked if I would help her learn how to use her new sewing machine. The coincidence that I had just finished up a sewing course reminded me that sewing is yet another creative outlet which can help people express themselves. My…

Chocolate Tour NYC

Chocolate Tour of NYC! A new perspective on touring

A chocolate tour of NYC?  With an adventurous outlook and a love of chocolate…well, why not? A few years ago, after I had learned that the cacao bean was my ‘spirit animal’ (or food), I decided that maybe learning to make chocolate or get into the chocolate industry would be my path.  I found chocolate…

Cocoa Rubbed Steak

Cocoa, Bacon AND Steak! (Recipe included in this adventure)

Warning: this recipe has been referred to as “sensuous” and really good for that date (or “date night”) when you want to use really intoxicating ingredients…chocolate (cocoa), steak and more…. (really – you need more??) The ad on the side of the highway tempted me, as the billboard was filled with chocolate bon-bons. Recently, I…

Here are the seeds wrapped in the milky white pulp.  We were able to grasp a seed to  eat! The pulp is sweet

Adventure to a Costa Rican Chocolate Farm

Imagine yourself standing on a mountainside dirt road in the tropics.  It’s a humid day, the temperature is in the 80s and the sky is slightly overcast. You are in the middle of the rainforest, visiting an organic, beyond-Fair-Trade cacao farm with fifteen strangers and your travel companion. You’re there to learn more about the source…

The Pussyhat I made for the march in DC

Packing for a protest march

The Women’s March on Washington! What an Adventure! I’m so excited to go! It’s the first one I’ve ever participated in (I’m not including the one I watched while I was a student in Paris and got hit with shrapnel). I am meeting up with a bunch of people I have never met before, driving…

Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Costa Rica. Chocolate. Connections.

Costa Rica. Chocolate. When you hear the first, do you connect it with the second? When I remember back to my adventures in Costa Rica, some of the best memories are chocolate related. I saw my first cacao tree, and it’s weirdly attached fruit of yellow/green pods, while adventuring around Lake Arenal, an area in…

learning to fly

Jumping out of an Airplane

Saying Yes to adventure and fun with friends found me jumping out of an airplane. An activity I had never thought about, let alone desired enough to put on my bucket list. My best friend from high school has a June birthday. Mine is in November. A Wednesday in the May before our big birthday…

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