Book Recommendations: Susun Weed’s Healing Wise; Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year & New Menopausal Years

I took a course with Susun Weed and learned her mission is to give control of taking care of our bodies back to us, and not to passively accept what a doctor tells us as the only “truth”. These three titles are a very good place to start, depending where you are in your life stage.

I first discovered Susun Weed before I became pregnant with my first son. I’ve always believed in natural healing products (or rather, integrative since I want to be able to choose the best remedy for me). In 2013 I took a 4-day seminar with Susun Weed, and her Healing Wise book became important to me. As I head into another stage of life, my integrated doctor recommended her Menopausal Years book, and it reminds me of so much of what Susun says in person. We are in charge of our health, emotionally and physically. We make the ultimate decisions. And nature provides so much to us – often times for free. I have read and used these three titles, and recommend you check them out too! (PS – Also check out the Nettle Leaf, one of the ingredients for daily infusions that Susun Weed – and I – use)

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