Clothing Recommendation: Smarter Garter

Ok, I have never tried this but it’s on my wish list. I have a hand-made “utility belt” or “festival belt” made from black leather that makes me feel “cool” as well as being functional (way prettier than a fanny pack!) I came across Smarter Garter on Instagram and think that it would be a great way to carry the necessary items when traveling, out on adventures, and not wanting to lug any kind of purse. They have several styles. The way it grips your thigh is through a military strength elastic.

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  1. Pat on January 15, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    I like this idea! Looking it up on Amazon, I saw a lace one that I think might be less bulky – Hope it’s ok to expand on your suggestions. This one is made by Bulldog. Ok, I can’t make the pix post. Here’s what it looks like: a lace thigh-top stocking with an opening for cellphone.

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