Food Recommendation: Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolate

Yes Cacao

Cacao is my spirit food. Knowing this, my Auntie Di introduced me to these amazing artisanal (and healthy!) chocolates made by Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolates. It turns out, it is a company started by my friend’s niece. The owners, Zoe and Justin, have a great view of cacao as a 'good feel' food.  I've tried them all, and each one has distinct ingredients and flavors.  I've come to the point where I crave certain ones at different times.  Must be my spirits telling me to take care of myself in a feel-good way!

In their words: BOTANICALS + CACAO = BOTANICAL CHOCOLATE. Chocolate causes your blood vessels to expand. That’s part of the reason you can FEEL chocolate. Instead of using refined sugar, processed emulsifiers, and conventional preservatives (which all penetrate the body with less-than-healthy consequences), we choose to use chocolate as a delivery system for botanicals (organic herbs, teas, flowers, and superfoods).

Click the button to check out their products and find one that fits you!

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