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Adventure Wednesdays led me to lots of fun times and interesting people. Isa is one of them. (Her partner deserves a whole post too, but that’s for another day). Here’s a story from the Burning Man related blog,

Why We Burn: Isabeau Vidal, Kostume Kult Camp Lead

a shot I took of Isa during the Brides of March adventure

Photo I took of Isa two years ago when we participated in the art event “Brides of March” (read the Brides of March blog here).  Also, if you look at the photo on the article, look at the woman on the far left in the neon orange…yup.  That’s your beloved Adventurer showing off fringe wings I made!)

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  1. Pr0Ger on November 15, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Thanks for sharing these great profiles with us! I m also attaching a photo of my instagram feed a hub for adventurers and travelers like me.

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