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Solo but Not Alone

What does bungee jumping, elephant bathing, cooking classes, and riding off into the sunset with your most recent Tinder date have in common? They can all be done in one week while traveling solo on the other side of the world.  That’s right, true story.  It was one magical week in Chang Mai, Thailand, which…

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Costa Rica. Chocolate. Connections.

Costa Rica. Chocolate. When you hear the first, do you connect it with the second? When I remember back to my adventures in Costa Rica, some of the best memories are chocolate related. my first cacao tree (Gingerbread Restaurant, Lake Arenal, Costa Rica) I saw my first cacao tree, and it’s weirdly attached fruit of…

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Tutus Teach Life Lessons

Until two summers ago, the last time I wore a tutu was when I was five years old… Tutus are Adventures: “Tutu Tuesday” is an established part of the annual week-long event, Burning Man. (learn about Burning Man here). It’s well known that on Tuesday, attendees wear Tutus. Why? Because you can!  About two years…

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