Top Hot Chocolate places in NYC to explore (2018)

Recently, one of my favorite sources for finding things to explore in NYC featured an article on Top Hot Chocolate places.  The listicle showed up on a very cold, wintry day.  As you may know, I adore chocolate!  (If you don’t know, I’ll include links to my other chocolate stories at the end).  Since I’d already created a Google map of chocolate stores/places in Manhattan – why not update it with hot cocoa spots?  I’ve checked out a few “top ten” lists, added them to my map, and then went and checked almost all of them out for myself.  I’ve culled the list, and marked them for you.  If you download the map into your google map, you can create your own walking tour!

Adventure on a Wednesday- January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day!  If you decide to check any of these places out, share your review (in the comments section below).

Here’s the breakdown of my color-coded symbols:

Navy blue martini glass: hot chocolates with booze options
Purple cups: ranked hot chocolate places
Yellow/Orange cups: my personal favorites
Blue markers: alternate locations
Green markers: on the list for novelty sake, but not one’s I care to go back to again.

If the link to the Google map isn't working for you, here's a link to a pdf you can print out (not as detailed, but it gives you the listing of the places and general areas)

Food Recommendation: Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolate


Cacao is my spirit food. Knowing this, my Auntie Di introduced me to these amazing artisanal (and healthy!) chocolates made by Yes Cacao Botanical Chocolates. It turns out, it is a company started by my friend’s niece. The owners, Zoe and Justin, have a great view of cacao as a ‘good feel’ food.  I’ve tried…

Travel Recommendation: Chocolate Tour, Caribeans in Costa Rica


While on an Adventure in Costa Rica, we toured Caribeans’ cocoa farm and factory. It was enlightening to learn the details of this delightful bean. I now munch on roasted cocoa beans for energy (but not too much, it’s intense when not in a chocolate bar). If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, head to the…

Costa Rica. Chocolate. Connections.


Costa Rica. Chocolate. When you hear the first, do you connect it with the second? When I remember back to my adventures in Costa Rica, some of the best memories are chocolate related. I saw my first cacao tree, and it’s weirdly attached fruit of yellow/green pods, while adventuring around Lake Arenal, an area in…

Adventure to a Costa Rican Chocolate Farm


Imagine yourself standing on a mountainside dirt road in the tropics.  It’s a humid day, the temperature is in the 80s and the sky is slightly overcast. You are in the middle of the rainforest, visiting an organic, beyond-Fair-Trade cacao farm with fifteen strangers and your travel companion. You’re there to learn more about the source…

Cocoa, Bacon AND Steak! (Recipe included in this adventure)


Warning: this recipe has been referred to as “sensuous” and really good for that date (or “date night”) when you want to use really intoxicating ingredients…chocolate (cocoa), steak and more…. (really – you need more??) The ad on the side of the highway tempted me, as the billboard was filled with chocolate bon-bons. Recently, I…

Chocolate Tour of NYC! A new perspective on touring


A chocolate tour of NYC?  With an adventurous outlook and a love of chocolate…well, why not? A few years ago, after I had learned that the cacao bean was my ‘spirit animal’ (or food), I decided that maybe learning to make chocolate or get into the chocolate industry would be my path.  I found chocolate…

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